IAF Shot Down Its Own Helicopter on Feb 27: Indian Media

Indian helicopter that went down the same day Pakistan shot down two of Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft was shot by an Indian jet, Indian media reports claim.

IPA News Agency has reported citing its sources well-placed in IAF that the fateful helicopter that fell on February 27 was on a rescue mission and did not crash due to a technical fault. The report said an Indian MiG-21 hit it.</p

The helicopter flew from Srinagar on Wednesday morning after the reports of an attack from Pakistan Air Force (PAF) only to be downed by an IAF jet – killing all six on board and a civilian on the ground – in a state of panic.

“It was a unique case of Fratricide (an incident of shooting down own aircraft), the report stated.


IAF reportedly sacked the Chief of Western Air Command following the losses incurred on 27th February and incompetence shown by the IAF aircrew.

Note that the incident happened just a day after India claimed an aerial ‘surgical strike’ on Balakot forest that uprooted six pine trees in the area, leaving an innocent crow dead.

Via: IPA News Agency

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