Ufone Tax Certificate

Ufone tax certificate - download from menu option

Do you want Ufone Tax Certificate for your requirement? we will tell you everything about How to Download Ufone Income Tax Certificates. This is a very easy method and step-by-step beginner Guide.

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Ufone Tax Certificate

Getting an Income Tax Certificate is very easy for you. You will be able to get a Tax Certificate with some easy steps.

  • First of all, go to Ufone Self-E care
  • Enter the Ufone Mobile number & Your Complete CNIC Number for Individual Access to sign-up

According To Below Image, Enter your Ufone Mobile Number and CNIC Number with the Correct Figures for logging in.

Ufone certificate - Individual Access

After Entering your Data for Login, you will receive A Pin code on your Ufone SIM Number to Verify for Login into your Account.

Ufone certificate - verify pin for login

Now, This is a very important Step to download the Income Tax Certificate of the Ufone company Go to the Usage Menu and click on the Tax Certificate Option As Image Mentioned Below.

Ufone certificate - download from menu option

Now you will be asked what is the date and Month for you which you need to download Income Tax Certificate. you will tell the exact date and Month and click on the Download button.

Ufone certificate - download income tax certificate

After A Few Seconds, your downloading will start and will be saved on your Mobile.

Also, you can receive your tax Certificate on Your Personal Or Professional Gmail Address Also with some advanced methods.

How to Get Ufone Tax Certificate With My Ufone APP

With the My Ufone app, you can download Income Tax Certificate easily. After downloading and installing the app, now log in with Your Ufone Prepaid and Postpaid SIM Number.

Ufone certificates - my ufone app

  • Now select Start Date & Month and End date of Month and Date to get a Tax Certificate.
  • Now Write the Correct Email where you want to receive the Annual Income Tax Statement.
  • Click on the Submit Button
  • Your Income tax statement will be sent to you When Ready.

ufone incom- certificates - my ufone login images

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