How To Become Filer in Pakistan

You can read all the details about how to become filer in Pakistan. Being a citizen of the state can benefit you and your country. In this article, you will learn about how to check your eligibility status, document details, maintaining proper records, how to file your tax returns, and bank statement details.

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How To Become Filer in Pakistan

Who Can Apply For online registration?

  • Only Individual can apply for Filer through FBR Online Registration.
  • Organization or Big business Entities online FBR Registration process is slightly different and lenthy.
How To Become Filer in Pakistan

How To Become Filer in Pakistan

Before you can learn about filers in Pakistan through FBR, you must know about tax filers.

What is a Filer & How to Become Filer in Pakistan?

A tax filer is a person, organization, or business entity that pays taxes to the federal / provincial government in return for benefits. Pakistani citizens pay taxes on electricity bills, sui gas bills, mobile phone taxes, and other taxes on the commodities of life that they use day and night.

Documents Required to Become A Tax Filer in Pakistan

Before filing your tax return, you must have these documents.

  • Registered Cell Number
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Complete Income details through the last year
  • your bank statement for the present
  • complete details of properties you owned
  • Bank statements and certificates

How To verify your eligibility status

Before applying to be a tax filer, you need to know about your eligibility status. Taxation will apply on every individual, businessman as well as different entities working in pakistan.

Official FBR Website

Now is the time to visit the official website of the Federal Board of Revenue ( for the online taxation process.

Search the Online Service Section on the FBR Website.

Now select the filter status inquiry from the list.

Enter your National Tax Number (NTN Number)

you will be propmpted to enter your specified National tax number assigned to pakistani tax filers. if you have not NTN number, you can also apply to visit nearest Regional Tax offices of FBR in Pakistan.

Verify your filer status

you can verify your filer status after inputting your NTN Number. after this, FBR website will display your current filer status whether if you are tax filer, non-filer or provisional Filer.

How To Register For Sales Tax (If Applicable)

If you are a business owner to selling goods or services, you need to register yourself for sales tax. The process can be completed through the FBR Online Web Portal.

Benefits of Tax Filers in Pakistan
Benefits of Tax Filers in Pakistan

Benefits of Tax Filers in Pakistan

You are reading an article about How to Become Tax Filer in Pakistan. Now, you may know the benefits of tax filers in Pakistan.

Loan Facilities

When you are a tax filer, you will be able to get loans from banks and other loan-giving organizations.

Government Contracts

If you are a businessperson, then there are big opportunities to get government contracts and tenders to earn more and get rich fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Filer?

In Pakistan, you can become filer if you are a person, businessperson working in Pakistan.

Is to good to become a filer?

This is smart financial move to become filer get benefits As Tax Filer. you can get loans from banks. when you become filers, its means you are contributing to develop your country progress.

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