Zong Internet Packages 2023

Here are All the details of Zong Internet Packages 2023 Daily Weekly Monthly. All these Internet Packages are mentioned on this Page only For Prepaid customers of Zong. We will be updated with Internet Postpaid Packages later.

In this article, I will Explain the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Zong Internet Packages Details.

Zong Internet Packages 2023 (Prepaid)

For Prepaid users, There are 4 Different Types of Zong Internet Packages according to your need or Budget Also.

  • Zong Internet Packages Daily
  • Zong Internet Packages Weekly
  • Monthly Internet Packages
  • Social Media Website Bundle
  • Super Student Bundle

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Zong Internet Packages Daily

There are 4 types of Daily Internet Packages for Zong. These Packages are fit for students and for those who want to use the Internet Occasionally. so, Therefore they can subscribe to any one of the given below packages and enjoy unlimited Zong Internet.

  • Daily Basic
  • Daily Data Max
  • Daytime Offer
  • Good-Night Offer

Zong Daily Basic Internet Package

  • You, Will, received 100 MB.
  • This Package Validity is about 24 Hours
  • After 24 Hours, This Daily Basic Internet Package will automatically expire.
  • Rs 15 will be charged for Daily Basic Package.
  • Dial *6464# to Subscribe Zong Daily Basic Internet Package.

Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package

  • Volume 500 MB
  • Validation: 24 Hours after the time of Activation.
  •  Rs 35 will be charged for Daily Data Max Internet Package.
  • Dial *47# for a Subscription to the Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package.

Zong Day Time Offer Daily Internet Package

  • You will receive 1.2 GB Volume against This Daily Internet Package.
  • The validation time of the Zong Daily Day Time Offer is from 4 AM to 7 PM.
  • Rs 16 will be charged to activate this Daily Day Time Offer Internet Package.
  • Dial *47# to Activate this Package.

Zong Good Night Offer

  • You received 2.5 GB of Data against This Zong Good Night Daily Night Offer Package.
  • This Package will be activated from 1 Am to 9 AM.
  • Dial *6464# to Subscribe to Zong Daily Internet Good Night Offer.

Zong Internet Packages Weekly

Zong offers 6 Different Types of Weekly Internet Packages for its customers.

  • Zong Super Weekly Package
  • Zong Super Weekly Plus
  • Super Weekly Max

Zong Super Weekly Package

  • You Received 2.5 GB of Data.
  • This Package will be active for 7 Days.
  • Rs 120 Will be Charged for This Super Weekly Internet Package.
  • Dial *6464# To Activate this Internet Package.

Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package

With This Weekly Plus Package, you will receive 5 GB of internet for A Week and after 7 days you re-activate this package when you need it.

  • You received 5 GB of Internet Data.
  • This Weekly Internet Package will validate for the Next 7 Days After Activation.
  • Dial *20# to Activate Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package.

Zong Weekly At Home Bundle

  • 30 Days Validity of this page
  • Rs 110 Plus PKR will be charges
  • Dial *3434# to Activate this Package

Zong Internet Packages Monthly

There are 4 Types of Monthly Internet Packages offered By Zong for Their Prepaid Customers. All these Internet offer are best at this time and you can choose it according to your Budget.

  • Monthly Mini 150
  • Monthly Basic 500
  • Monthly Premium 3 GB
  • Monthly Premium 12 GB

Zong Monthly Mini 150 Internet Package

  • Received 150 MB against this Zong Monthly Mini 150 Internet Package.
  • This Package will valid for the Next 30 Days after Activation.
  • Rs 50 will be charged for this Package.
  • Dial *6464# to Activate this Package.

Zong Monthly Social Internet Package 

  • Rs 220 Plus Will be charged
  • 30 Days Validity
  • Dial *6000# to Activate Zong Monthly Social Internet Pacakge

Zong Band SIM Lagao Offer

For those who are not Using A Their Zong SIM for A While, Put and Insert Zong Prepaid SIM into their Mobile and Get Unlimited Free Internet Data, Free SMS, Free Zong To Calls, and More Resources.

Check All the Details Here.

What Are The Internet Packages of Zong?

Zong Offer Multiple Best Internet Packages on Daily, Weekly and Monthly Usage. You can find it from the Page.

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