Top Pakistani Youtubers Most Subscribers

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Top Pakistani YouTuber with Most Subscribers - Top 10 List

Best Top Pakistani Youtubers Most Subscribers – Top 10 List

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Top YouTube Channels in Pakistan

Channel NameUploads VideosSubscribers

(in Million)

ARY Digital2806214.5ARY Digital is Pakistan No.1 Tv Network. This is Entertainment Tv Chanel by ARY Digital Network. This Channel has the highest number of YouTube subscribers of Any YT Channel in Pakistan and this number growing day by Day.
Hum TV64909.36This is Famous Entertainment Tv Channels who presents superb Dramas loved by Hum tv Viewers. Hum tv scored 2nd Position in the List by Most Subscribers of Pakistan Youtube Channels.
Har Pal Geo145289.36This is Geo Tv Network Channels. Where Tv Channels load 14528 Videos to Date and this YT Channel also stands on 2nd Position.
Coke Studio4249.1Coke Studio is an International  Music Franchise Where Singer presents live music video performance.  Coke Studio gets 3rd Position in The list.
Geo News742237.3Geo News is Pakistan Tv Channel Network. This Channel broadcasts news after every hour and publishes it on Geo News YouTube channel. Most videos are uploaded on Geo News YouTube channel.
TRT Ertugrul By PTV626.35TRT Ertugrul secured 6th Position in This List. Turkish Tv Drama Ertugrul now Playing on PTV home with Urdu Dubbing and Also Streaming on YT. With Only 62 Videos, This channel get Most Subscribers by 6.35 Million within Few Days.
AJ Official6105.83This Channel presents Religious Scholars  Maulana Tariq Jamil Videos on This Channel. This Islamic YT Channel secure8th Position.
ARY News170915.63ARY News Channel Work Under ARY Network. They Also Braodcast News on Hourly Basis and also it on YouTube Channel to Make Money.
Islamic Teacher Official4415.4This channel published YouTube Videos Islamic and Health Topic with Urdu Language.
Samaa TV492085.32Like Geo News, ARY News, Samaa Tv is Also Most Growing News Channel on YouTube Website.
Top Pakistani Youtubers Most Subscribers
Top Pakistani Youtubers: Most Subscribers

Top 10 YouTubers with Most Subscribers in Pakistan

  • Chota Ali Vlogs 13 Million
  • Ducky Bhai: 07 Million
  • Random Hands 06 Million
  • Pakistan Cricket Board: 05 Million
  • Shehr Me Dihat: 05 Million
  • Pakistan Super League: 05 Million
  • Food Fusion: 05 Million
  • BABA Food RCC -04 Million
  • Kitchen With Amna – 04 Million

Update in February 2024

Top Pakistani Youtubers Top 10 List

  • Ducky Bhai
  • Irfan Junejo
  • Kitchen With Amna
  • Qasim Ali Shah
  • Saad ur Rehman
  • Salman Noreen
  • Mooro
  • P4 Pakao
  • Asad Ali Tv
  • Danish Ali
  • Maaz Safdar World
  • Ijaz Insari Food Secrets
  • Sistrology

Who is the Youtuber In Pakistan?

The Pakistan Colors Tv is Biggist YouTube Channel in Pakistan. They have 69.6 Million Youtube Subscribers.

Who is The Best Daily Vlogger in Pakistan?

  • Saqib Mubeen
  • Haim & Parishay Khan
  • Arshad Sharif Officials
  • Sehar Hayyat
  • Hassan Hameed
  • Talha Younas

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