The Man Behind Tom an Jerry Cartoon Died

The Man Behind Tom an Jerry Cartoon Died

The Creator of Tom and Jerry Cartoon, Gene Deitch died at the age of 95. He made our childhood very awesome.

Cartoon Creator Gene’s Deitch Death was not sudden according to Czech Publishers. Himmel Told to Media That cartoon animator had unexpectedly during last night at home between Thursday and Friday.

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Gene was Oscar Award Winner in The category of Illustrator, Animator, Director, Producer. He died in Prague’s Little Quarters neighborhoods.

We lose the Man that Not Behind tom and Jerry Creation But also he created Children another Hot-Favourite Cartoon Popeye the Sailor.  He also director almost 13 Episodes of toms and Jerry Cartoon Series.

Gene Also produced Tom Terrific Cartoon Series. His Cartoon Series “Sidney Family Tree” also nominated for Oscar Awards in The Year 1958.

More About Gene Deitch

Gene Born in 8th August 1924  in Chigaco and almost big parts live in Romania capital Prague.

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