Telenor Advance Code – Emergency Loan Code

Here you can check Telenor Advance Code – Emergency Loan Code without any hesitation. You know that Telenor company Entered in Pakistan Telecom Sector more than a Decade Before. Peoples welcome the company before the company’s performance in other countries like Bangladesh, Norway, and India was Amazing.

Telenor Balance Loan Updated Code 2022 is Here. This Loan Offer is not available for Postpaid Customers of the Telenor company.

This Telenor Advance Loan code helps Telenor Prepaid Customers to get an Emergency Loan of Rs 20 at any time when their Balance has been ending.

Telenor Advance Code - Emergency Loan Code

How to Get Telenor Advance Balance Loan Code in Emergency Situation

  • Dial Telenor Code *0# to get Rs 15 Advance Balance in emergency Time when you have no balance in your Telenor Prepaid SIM
  • After Dialing the code, the balance will transfer to your Telenor Account
  • Rs 3.5 Will be charged As Services by Telenor for Loan Approval
  • Also, Note that This Service is only for Telenor Prepaid Users.
  • You can recieved a loan only once time, after recharging and repaying the bill you can again get a loan.

Terms & Conditions

  • If you get an advanced Telenor Loan, they cannot repeat this until you repay your previous amount plus Service Charges.
  • Only Telenor Prepaid Customers can avail of this latest Telenor offer.
  • Using SIM Without Proper documentation is Crime – PTA
  • For Any Queries regarding Telenor Product Services, you can contact Telenor Helpline 345