SIM Information System

Are you willing to check SIM Information System 2023 from any Telecom Company? Then you have on Right Page. With PTA SIM Information System, you can check the name, address, Location, and other Details of the SIM Owner. We will tell you everything about Best available Tool to check SIM Owner’s Name on the Laptop or Via Mobile App.

With This PTA SIM Information Online System, you can track all your Information related to your Verified SIM issued by PTA.

PTA SIM Information System 2023

If you don’t know what is PTA SIM Information System 2023, don’t worry about it. You know that PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. PTA helps people to secure their mobile from hack-ing and other fraudulent activities. In the Year 2000, Mobile Phones were introduced in Pakistani Markets. 

Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with Name Address CNIC SIM, sim information system

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Here are some Tips and Tricks about SIM systems.

Search PTA SIM Information System Via SMS

To check your SIM Data via SMS, follow the Instruction and apply here.

  • First of All, Write an SMS to your Inbox From your Mobile
  • Write your full CNIC Number without Dashes
  • Send the SMS to the 668 PTA Number
  • you have done the job.
  • Now, you will receive An SMS from PTA about Active SIM Information that is registered with your CNIC.

How Many SIMS allow for your CNIC For registration?

If you don’t know how many SIM Card are allowed to register on your Single CNIC, don’t worry about it we will tell you that According to PTA SIM Policy, you can allow only 5 SIM to register against your only CNIC.  more than 5 sims are not allowed at this time.

Check Online Information System Online Via Official Website

You can check your SIM Data Online via the official website. details are mentioned here.

  • First of all, visit the official website to check your sim data online
  • the website address is
  • After opening the web page, you must enter your ID Card Number
  • After entering the CNIC Card Number, Press Enter button
  • on the very next page, you will find sim details that are issued on your CNIC with company wise
sim information system

How To Check SIM Owner Name?

After following these steps you will be able to check SIM Information System Process Owner name details.

  • Open the text message Box and in your mobile phone
  • Send the Blank SMS to 667
  • Waits for some second to receive a reply message from PTA
  • your Wait is over
  • A message with all details about your sim owner details in your inbox
  • View save and enjoy this trick.

What is My CNIC SIM Number?

To check your SIM Number with your CNIC Card Number, Send a Blank Message to 667. Some Mobile phones do not allow their Phone owner to send blank SMS. In that case, you can write anything and send it to 667. you will receive all details.

Person Live Tracker

This is another way to check Sim Data on your CNIC. you can download Live Tracker App for Person or Company from Google Play Store. After downloading and Installing the app, you can check your concerned data after entering 13 Digits Pakistani CNIC Card Number and view online Name, Father name, Address, Phone Number and Email Download and also you can easily download on your Mobile or Computer.

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