Punjab Govt launch Qeemat app to Control Prices

At Last Tabdeeli Sarkar take good Decision in Punjab. Punjab Govt launch Qeemat App to Control Prices in All over The Punjab. After Installation, Peoples will notify every updates of Prices of Vegetables, Fruits and other Household Used Items.

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This Qeemat App now only working in Sialkot city of Punjab Province. After success, This app will be provide to other peoples of Punjab.
Main Aim behind launch this App is that Punjab govt control prices and update to peoples every minutes and every seconds. After this, Shopkeeper will fare to increase prices in all food item.

Normally, Govt Provide Price list to Shopkeeper to sold food items on Give items. But Mostly did not care this list sold items on high prices. But after launch of Qeemat App, Control prices will be controlled perfectly by Govt.

Punjab Govt Launch Qeemat App To control Prices

Govt updated this Qeemat app on daily basis.

Government of Punjab provide this service free of cost to every one. If you see any shopkeeper to sold food items on highly prices compared to Qeemat app prices, you could complain via Complain form of Qeemat App.

This Qeemat app will be launched other city of Punjab Very Soon.

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