Imran Khan is CoronaVirus Positive Claimed by British Media

Imran Khan is CoronaVirus Positive.

This News is Coming from British Media that Imran Khan is CoronaVirus Positive. Imran Khan meeting with Different Minister and delegation Arise this Question.

Imran Khan is CoronaVirus Positive.
Imran Khan Corona-virus positive

Is Imran Khan Corona Virus Positive, According to the Uk News Channel, Prime Minister of Imran Khan had tested for Corona and  Test Result is Positive.

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A Pictures Going to Viral on Social Media that Imran Khan tested and get positives results for corona.

Imran Khan positive corona virus test
Imran Khan positive coronavirus test

Lets’s Wait and Check this News is Authentic or Not.

abc news about Imran Khan corona virus test positive
ABC news about Imran Khan coronavirus test positive


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