How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

How to delete A Google or Gmail Account from Mobile & Computer. If you Don’t Know, then Don’t Worry. We are here to Helps you to Delete or Remove a Google Account from Mobile & Computer or Laptop. These Easy steps help you close your Gmail Account Permanently.

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How to Delete Gmail Account on computer Permanently

Follow these steps to Find-out How to Delete Gmail account.

How to Delete Gmail Account on computer Permanently

In the Page appears that You can Delete your Account.

Click or Delete Your Service of Account.

delete a service or gmail account

Best Tips to Choose Your Gmail Account data remove forever or Delete Gmail Account.

Then Choose Delete A Service on The Next Page As Well.

how to remove gmail account

You will be prompt to sign-in into your  Gmail account.

On the Very Next Page, You choose the service to Want Delete or Not. If you want to Gmail Account Removed Permanently, you choose Trash-Icon Button in-front of Gmail Account.

How to Delete Gmail Account on computer Permanently 123

  • Enter an Email Address different from Associate address with the Gmail account that You are closing Under the Email address in the How You’ll Sign in to Google Dialog Box.
  • Click Send Verification Email.

Click send Verification Email

After Complete this Task, you will recieved Confirmation Email to Delete Account. Follow the Delete Link to Confirmation.

If Prompted, you will ask to log-in your desired account for Gmail.

Under Confirm Gmail Deletion Service, Select Yes I want to Delete My Gmail Account Permanently from Gmail Account.

Click on Remove Gmail Account and then You Are Done.

What Happened When Peoples Wants To Connects on This Email ID

This is Main Point When you are deleting your Account. before Delete your Account. Send Emails to All Contacts added into your Gmail Account and tell them you are going to delete this email account and your email new Account will be This

Also you should care about your data to Delete account. Download all Gmail data and save to your Hard-Disk or USB Flash.

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