How To Make Gmail Account

How To Make Gmail Account, this question stands out when You have to start your internet Life only First Time. Gmail Signup gives you the Full Protocol to Create a New Gmail Account. Google Offers Free 15 GB of Data to save your Pictures and Videos in your Gmail account.

How To Make Gmail Account

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How To Make Gmail Account

How To Make Gmail Account?

If you want to create your first Gmail account, you should have a Google Account. Google Asks for your Name, Date of Birth, Father’s Name, Address, and Contact Number to Create your email account.

Login, where you can find three Options, For work, signing, or Create An Account.

When you click on Create A Account, the Gmail Sign-up form will open.

Now Google Wants your Mobile Number to Verify your Google Account. When you Enter your Number, Google Send you a Text Message or Call on your Submitted Contact.

Text Message will be 6 Number and received code enter and Continue.

After Entering your Mobile Number and Clicking on Next, Another New Form Will open.

welcome to google home
How to Make Gmail Account

Above the Google form, you will put your Gender (Male or Female), Your Date of birth.

This Form also required a Recovery Email. Recovery Email helps you to secure your Gmail Account. When Any One will opens your account, you will be received an email from google in your Google Recovery email.

My Advice is to Must Write your other Gmail Account As Recovery Gmail Account. 

This is your Personal Information that wants google to Create your account.

After clicking on Next, Google Will Ask to approve a Review of Their Terms and Conditions.

Google privacy and Terms

Click on I Agree Means your Google Gmail Account will create.

How to Sign in to your Newly Create Gmail Account?

When you will create your Gmail Account, After clicking on the Sign-in Option, Mostly Cases Gmail automatically Signs into your Internet Browser.

When you Sign in to your Gmail account on other computers you are using an Internet Cafe or working in Any Computer Lab located in your Schools or Offices, you should sign out after completing your work. Because stay login in on other computers will hack your account and also you lose all your data.

Now, you will know How To Make Gmail Account in this post or Article.

Turn on 2-Step Verification for Gmail

This is Editor’s Best Tips to Secure your Gmail Account. Google offers 2-step Verification for your account. If you want to Activate or Turn-on 2-Step Verification on your Gmail Accounts.

Gmail 2-step verification helps when you lost your phone accidentally or by mistake, then you can secure your account after activating this Google 2-step method.

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