How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently Or Deactivate

Facebook is the World No.1 Social Media Platform where you can make more money with Pages and FB Groups. But Another thing is that Facebook collects your personal data, photos, and videos that you upload on the Facebook account you have owned.

What is the Difference between Delete and De-active FB Account

There are Two Ways to De-activated your FB Account. You can delete or deactivate your Facebook Account on Permanently Basis. If you de-activate your account, you can restore it in the Near or Far Future according to your Need. But if you want to delete your account, you will never go back on Facebook. So Think twice before taking any action over your FB Account.

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How to De-Activate FB Account

If you are tired from Social Media and want to take a break, you can quit it on a Temporary Basis. Yes, you can deactivate your Facebook Account, and After Sometimes you can join or login in to your Facebook account again when you want.

First, log in to the Facebook Account that you want to Delete. Follow these steps to de-activate your FB accounts.

  • Click on the Down arrow Button Right Side of Your Internet Browser where your account is open.
  • Then Select Setting from the Open Row.
  • New Windows Will be open where you can Find Your Facebook Information and Then Select Deactivation and Deletion.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2020 2021 1

Now Select The Button Next to Deactivate the Account and Then Click to Continue to Account Deactivation Button.

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently 2020 2021 2

On this Screen, you will find two Options, Deactivate Account & Permanently Delete Account.

Select your option and click to Proceed. Now You have done the Job.

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