These 7 Steps to Take Care of Kidney and Liver. 31 percent of USA citizens are at risk of Kidney Disease.

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These Healthy Tips is best for Taking Care of your Kidney.

  • Increased Your Physical Activity

Physical Activities help you to decreases your Blood Pressure, increasing Muscle Health, Improving Sleep, Lowering Blood Fat Levels. Physical Activity may help your body strength.

  • Keep High Blood Pressure Under Control

Follow your Treatment Plan Carefully to Care Your Kidney and other Body Parts. Blood Pressure Medicine usually preferred for people with kidney disease are called Angiotensin.

  • Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that Smoking is Injurious to Health. The Risk Factor for both heart and kidney disease is Smoking. There is nothing best for Kidney and heart disease to prevent yourself from smoking. Smoking is Also a big Risk Factor for Heart and Kidney Disease Patient.

  • Reduce High Cholesterol Level

High Blood Levels of fats like Cholesterol Increases your Blood Pressure. Simple Blood Tests can help to find out Cholesterol Ratio in your Body.