Govt to Launch Coronavirus App for Pakistani Peoples Safety

Govt of Pakistan Launched Coronavirus App for Safety of Pakistani Peoples. The government decided to make Android App for Smart Phones where Users can find more Complete Details about Coronavirus.

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Ministry of Information and Technology and National Working Technology Board both working on This app will enable Users to detect COVD-19 Patients in a Certain Area.

It is also noted that This app will help to solve all your queries regarding CoronaVirus Update. This app also will send time to time messages to App Users to Wash Their Hands to protect yourself from this Virus and also public awareness videos.

Before this, Govt also launched a Website to updated This Virus. This website also updated with all patient’s history, Death tolls, and other details.

The reason behind the Coronavirus Official website launched to stopped fake news, videos circulating on Social Media.

So, for Coronavirus patient tolls reached up to 400 and continues increasingly. 5 Coronavirus Affected patients have been recovered from this disease.

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