Zong Monthly Internet Package

Zong Monthly Internet Package for those who are using the Internet all day & Night. You can activate any zong package according to your need and your budget. Zong has built 3rd largest cellular network in the country, Pakistan. Also, Facebook and Zong have started a New initiative in Pakistan for Free Facebook for Zong Customers.

Zong currently services more than 100 Cities in Pakistan and this is rapidly growing day by day. For Using Most Internet Packages by Zong Prepaid SIM Users are Monthly Mini 150, Monthly Premium Internet Package because of the best Internet data or resources.

Zong Monthly Internet Package 2022

All these Internet Packages of Zong for Zong Prepaid Customers.

Package Name Price Activation Code Resources
Zong Monthly Mini offer Rs 50 *6464# 150 MB Internet Data
Zong Premium 5 GB Package Rs 372 *6464# 5 GB Internet Data For a whole Month
Monthly Super Card Rs 699 Load *50# 10 GB Internet Data, 250 Off-Net Minutes, Unlimited Zong Minutes
Monthly Supreme Offer Rs 899 Load *3030# 20 GB Internet Data, 5000 On-net Minutes, 300 off-net Minutes, 5000 SMS
Whatsapp Plus Offer Rs 98 *4000# 4 GB Whatsapp Data, 200 Zong Minutes, 20 Other Network Minutes
Monthly Mini 150 Rs 50 *6464# 150 MB Internet Data
Monthly Basic 500 Rs 150 *6464# 5000 MB
Zong Monthly Whatsapp Offer Rs 59 *247# 5 GB Whatsapp Data
Monthly Facebook Offer Rs 108 *250# 6 GB Facebook Data
Internet SIM 60 GB Package Rs 2000 Use My Zong App to Activate this offer 60 GB Internet Data
Internet SIM 24 GB Package Rs 1200 Use the My Zong app 24 GB – Including 12 GB from 4 am to 4 PM.
Zong IMO Offer Rs 59 *466# 2.5 GB IMO Data

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are including with Govt Taxes

FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

Q. How Can I get Zong Monthly Package?

A. You can get Zong Monthly Internet Package with Rs 1299 including 30 GB Total Data, 5000 Zong to Zong Minutes, 450 off-net or

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