How to Get Passport in Pakistan

Every Pakistani Citizen gets Machine Readable Passport from District Passport Office or Near me. In this article, I will tell you everything about the How to Get Passport in Pakistan, Passport fee in Pakistan, Passport Renewal Fees in Pakistan in 2024,  about the Pakistan Passport application form. Every Pakistani wants to know about how to get a passport in Pakistan. We are here with all details about How to Get Passport in Pakistan 2024 with simple and easy way.

How to Get Passport in Pakistan 2024

How to Get Passport in Pakistan
How to Get Passport in Pakistan

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Everyone Knows that When We want to get abroad for Education, Jobs, Traveling or Any Other Purposes, you should have a Pakistani Passport. Now Government of Pakistan Issuing Machine Readable Passport and Smart NADRA Card. When you will go to the passport office for new or Renewal, you should aware of agents, Who will try to deceive you and also try to loot.

You can Apply online for Passport Renewal Via This Link.

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Types of Machine Readable Passport

There are two types of Machine Readable Passport you can receive from Any Passport office in Pakistan.

  • Normal
  • Urgent

The validity of Machine Readable Passport

The validity of MRP is 5 years and 10 years.

  • If you have 5 years validity Machine Readable passport, then it can’t be converted into 10 years.
  • Under 15 years Children will receive only 5 years Validity Passport.

Duration of Normal and Urgent Passport

The normal passport issuance duration is only 10 days. It means that you will receive a normal fee passport within days of submission of the Application form.

The duration of Urgent passport is 4 working days. After Submit your application in Passport Office, you will receive an Urgent passport withing 4 days in Pakistan.

Passport Tracking System Via SMS

This is good news for you If you submit Application form for New Passport.  The government of Pakistan now started the Passport tracking system via SMS. you can receive a passport received status Via SMS Service. Write 11 Digits Token Number in Write Message and send it to 9988. You will receive Complete answer within a short period.

List of Cities for Home Deliveries

There is a list of Pakistani cities you can receive Home deliveries for New Passport available.

List of Cities
IslamabadRawalpindiD I KhanGujar khanMandi Baha Ud DinNowshehra
SwabiMansehraSheikhupuraCharsaddaShahidraHari Pur
Mir PurGujratLahoreBannuNawab ShahSukkur
LarkanaJhangKarachiBahawal NagarFaisalabadKotli
VehariRahim Yar KhanMuzaffar GarhKohatDera Ghazi KhanJhelum
Bahawal PurGujranwalaPirwalaTimargaraQuettaMuzaffar aBad
KasurSargodhaJaranawalaAttockSialkotAbbot Abad
ChakwalHyderabadAzad KashmirOkaraSwatJalal Pur

Passport Tracking Pakistan By Token Number Online

To Track Passport Tracking In Pakistan By token Number, Write your 11 Digits Token Number and Send it to 9988 Number. Within Seconds, you will received Message about your Passport Tracking shortly. In that Message, you will know about Time Tracking, Dispatch and Passport Delivery Dates.

What is the Fee of Passport in Pakistan?

CategoryFeeTotal (Including Taxes)
Normal 72 PagesRs 8200Rs 9200
Urgent 72 PagesRs 13500Rs 14500
Normal 100 PagesRs 9000Rs 10000
Urgent 100 PagesRs 18000Rs 19000
Machine Readable Passport Instructions in urdu

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