Yasir Hussain Wants Every Pakistani to Boycott India and Indian Products

Pakistan India Tension Arise After Indian Government Decision to end Article 370A of Jammu and Kashmir.

Many Pakistani Celebrities Spoke against Indian Govt Unhuman Acts in Kashmir. Yasir Hussain statement for Kashmir.

Pakistan Army banned Soldiers to use Social Media

But Pakistani Actor Yasir Hussain thinks that Now It’s Is over for Indian Movies and Culture in Pakistan. He Urges Pakistani Actor and Actress Boycott Indian.

Pakistan Actress Sajal Ali in New Recent Photoshoot

All Pakistani Artists must Be Stopped Worked with India. You Have a love for Kashmir and Must show your thoughts About Kashmir and Kashmiri Peoples.

He shows depression that You Love Kashmir but you are doing work with Indian Artists. So What are these types of Love? Yasir Hussain statement for Kashmir.

Before this Indian Government Act, I think Art is No Boundaries but this time It’s maybe Yes.

Mahira Khan Exclusive Dance Videos leaked Out

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