Toyota & Honda Bike Production Plants Remains Closed in October

After declining their Sales by 39% in the First Quarter of Financial Year 2019-2020, both Toyota and Honda decided to remain closed Production Plant in the Last 15 Days of October 2019.

Pak Suzuki bike prices Increased by Rs 8000

At the start of 2019, both Companies Increased the Prices of Motor Bikes and Car which gets a high impact on Sales. This impact on sales both decided to remain closed in October till 15 and 18 of the Month.

Toyota cars Sales down to Earth after price hikes in January 2019.

Economic Stability in Pakistan’s impact on Honda and Toyota Sales in the First Quarter of this year, on another side Pakistan Suzuki remains opened from the last 3 months.

Pak Suzuki Wagon r Sales and Launching ALto 2019 Model on Top in Financial Quarter that remain helped to Open its Production Plants.

Here is Break Down of Toyota  Toyota and Honda Production Plant closed.

Toyota Indus Honda Atlas Pak Suzuki
July 8 20 0
August 12 13 0
September 15 11 0
October 15 18 0


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