Toyota Increases 2020 Hilux Double Cabin’s Prices in Pakistan

After Covid19, Pakistan Auto Industry force to revise Its Vehicle Prices in Pakistan in 2020. So, There are no Surprise by Toyota to Increased Hilux Double Cabin’s Prices in Pakistan. In this post, I will tell you about Toyota Hilux double cabin prices.

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Another Local Auto company Improtar blames the Currency De-valuation for key-hike prices. Some Weeks Ago, Government has stated that New FED Rates shall be imposed on The Double Cabin. Govt says that ‘Intended for Comercial use, people used them a Luxury Items.

Here is a list of Toyota Hilux double cabin prices in Pakistan

Models Old Prices (PKR) Revised Prices (PKR) Price Difference (PKR)
IMV III STD 54,99,000 PKR 59,12,000 PKR 413000 PKR
REVO G MAT 58,99,000 PKR 63,42,000 PKR 443000 PKR
REVO G AT 61,99,000 PKR 64,44,000 PKR 465000 PKR
REVO V AT 65,49,000 PKR 70,41,000 PKR 492000 PKR