These Cars Were Launched in Pakistan in 2019

2019 was a tough Year for Pakistan Auto Industry. Car prices hikes but no one comes for buying. Production is on Peak but No one comes to purchase this. After New Auto Policy in Pakistan, Many Car Makers Companies coming to Pakistan to Fix Car Assembly Plant. As Year Closed, We Collected Cars list was launched in last year in Pakistan. These Cars Launched in Pakistan in 2019.

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Alto 660CC

alto 6600 cc price in pakistan

Alto was the most favorable car of the year 2019 After Suzuki announced they are disconnection their Mehran Model. This is the first ever  660 CC Car Assembled in Pakistan.

Prince Pearl

These Cars Were Launched in Pakistan in 2019

The Car launched in Market with Collaboration of 2 Companies. Chinese Car Models was launched this year.


kia picanto CAR prices in pakistan

Another Hotty-hatchback Model was the No.1 Top Car Model in Pakistan. This is the Most Expensive Car Model than Any Other Car.

Prince – DFSK Glory 580T

Prince - DFSK Glory 580T

Hyundai Loniq

hyundai loniq

Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

KIA Sportage

kia sportage -cars launched in pakistan in 2019

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