Shadab Khan No Words For His Leaked Photos Controversy

Pakistan Celebrities if They Actress or Sportsman, Everyone Facing Leaked Photos and Videos Victim. Now New Leaked Photos and WhatsApp Victim is Shadab Khan, Islamabad United Captain in PSL 5 Season 2020.

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Alizeh Shah Become Next Leaked Photos and Videos Victim

Shadab Khan No Words For His Leaked Photos Controversy 1

An Instagram Account Holder Named Ashreena Safia Take Social Media Into Storm After Sharing Her Chat With Leg Spinner Shadab Khan. She Said that She Contacted Me Via Different Mobile Phones Account and threatened to leaked all nu-de photos and Videos.

Shadab Khan No Words For His Leaked Photos Controversy 2

She Posted Some Screenshot of Their Chats on Social Media Account Like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. Shadab Khan Leaked photos and Chats Shared on Social Media.


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YES I see all the messages you guys send and it is very hard for me to accept but here we are. This is personal/vulnerable for me to share but I have a platform Alhamdulillah to do right. ?? I’m sorry to all the girls who reached out for help when they were used and taken advantage of by the person I was with. Astaghfirullah that I believed his lies and unconsciously enabled his behavior. I have zero to gain from posting this but if I can help one girl become aware then I’m willing to jeopardize myself. I’ve been dealing with this since I moved to Dubai. Shadab is probably the first guy I’ve cared about so deeply and it’s hard to process this still. I cant address anything further for legal reasons so please respect my privacy. ??

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