Pakistan Army banned Soldiers to use Social Media

Pakistan Army Banned Army Soldiers and Officer to Used Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media Giants.

Pakistan Army banned Soldiers to use Social Media

Pakistan Army General Headquarters issued Notification regarding ban of Social Media Uses. Due to High Breach of Security, Pakistan Army banned Army Personnel to Used Social Media.
“Policy Guidelines have been issued in the past lo sensitize all ranks on the subject. However, breaches of security and violations in use of SMN apps (applications) continued,” the notification said.

The statement further said that the all active and retired military personnel must exit social media groups and pages which have any sort of military signatures or identity since these social media pages have played a major role in the widespread of sensitive information. The statement said:

“All serving Army/civilian employees and retired Army personnel or employees in other mil setups/ organizations, irrespective of rank, to exit all types of SMN-groups without exception.”

These Strict Actions by Pakistan Army shows that Social Media become perfect place for cyber theft.

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