How to Recharge Zong Card

How to Recharge Zong Card

If you want to Load Zong Card, you can easily do it By Follow Some Easy Steps. No One knows How to Recharge Zong Card but On this Page, you can check everything about the Load Zong Card. Zong Prepaid Card is Available in Denominations of Rs 100, 300, 500, and 1000.

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Step 1

Go To Your Mobile Phones Dialer and Dial 101 followed by 14 Digit Number on the Zong Scratch Card and Type #. Press Enter to Go. Your zong Card Will be recharged on Zong Prepaid SIM.

Step 2

In this Step, you will Type*101# from your Mobile Phone and Press Enter. Zong Helpline Call Operator will ask you about 14 Digits Card numbers to Recharge.

If your card number is correct, Call Operator will confirm about Balance Recharge in your Mobile Account.

Step 3

Yes, you can recharge your Zong Card Load Online with the My Zong Mobile App. Download Zong App from Google Play Store and Enjoy this Zong Best Offer to Load Your Card Online. Before loading your Zong Sim, Check Your Debit Card or Credit Card is activated for E-Commerce Shopping.

After downloading the App, you will ask for the Preferred Language.

Select from Urdu and English, Chinese as Your Preferred Language.

For Verification Type your Zong Number and Press Enter. You, Will, received Code for Verification. Copy and paste this code into App and Click Next.

Once You Login App using your Mobile Code, you will see the Load Option.

Now, here you can load the card.

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