How to Block Number on Telenor

How to Block Number on Telenor 1

Telenor company Allowed their Customers to Block Unwanted Calls or Messages on Telenor SIM. In this post, we are going to tell you About How to Block Number on Telenor.

 How to Block Number on Telenor

How to Block Number on Telenor

How to Block Number on Telenor?

Call or SMS from Your Desired Number to Block and get registered and follow the procedure. Rs 20 + Tax will be surcharge after activation of the Block Service. Dial 420 or Send a Blank Message to 420 to Subscribe to this Offer.

How to Block Number on Ufone?

Ufone Blocking Service Called As UBlock.  Ufone users can block unwanted numbers follow these steps.

How To Subscribe:

Type 420 to Subscribe Latest Ufone Call and SMS Block Service.

How to Block Number on Jazz?

Mobilink & Jazz also provide Block Service to Their Customers. Dial 420 to Activate This offer or Write act is to 420 to Subscribe to Jazz Block Number.

How Can I Block A Number on Telenor For Free?

To Block Caller on Telenor, you need to send a sms , Write Sub to 420 and wait for reply to get registered.

After verification, you will be received a Message from telenor to get started block number on telenor.

Terms & Conditions

  • Subscription renewal is automatically attempted after a Month or 30 Days. After 27 days, you will receive a Message About Telenor Call Block Service Renewal.
  • On End of the Month, if you don’t renewal your service, the subscription service will be automatically disconnected.
  • If you re-subscribed the service, you don’t need to block any Telenor Number for Block SMS or Call. The list is available in the system already. If you don’t subscribe, the block numbers list will be available in System.

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