How to Change PTCL WIFI Password

Yes, You have come to Right Place know about How to Change PTCL WI-FI Password. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is the Biggest Internet Providers Company in Pakistan. Some Other Telecom Companies provide also the Internet, But PTCL is Best for Speed.

After Installation PTCL Modem, you Can change PTCL Wifi password Easy. Here is some easy step to change the Wifi Password of PTCL Modem.

Steps For How to Change PTCL WIFI Pass-word

If you want to know about the change of PTCL WIFI password, Follow these Steps about PTCL Login Password.

  • Open your Internet Browser

If you are Using Any Internet Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Opera, Just Open it.

  • Login to

Open PTCL Provided IP Address in Internet Browser Address Bar like this. Type IP Address and press Enter.

After This PTCL Login Page Open. Write Your PTCL Provided ID and Password Like this.  This PTCL Login Appears when You Press Enters.

How to Change PTCL WIFI Password - ptcl login password

You should have a Password and Username provided by PTCL. The Default Username is Admin and you can change it later. Your  PTCL Logn username and password have been write on the Backside of PTCL Modem.

Entering PTCL Admin Panel

After Entering Username and Password, PTCL Admin Panel will be open like this.

PTCL Admin Panel

You will see Admin Panel Menu on Left Sidebar, where you can change your PTCL Wifi Password. Select Wireless Option for the changes.

Click on Security

After Selecting a Wireless option, You can Select Security from the left Sidebar.

Set A New Password

ptcl change wifi password login how to change

This is the last step to Change Password. When You click on the Security option, come to the Below Side of the Page.  After Clicking on It New Password. Popup bar Will open, where you will Write your New Password Twice and click on Save Button.

After This, your Wifi Router will be start and your changed PTCL Password will be Active.

you Have Done.

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