PTCL Tax Certificate

After reading this post, you will be able to download PTCL Tax Certificate 2023 for landline and Evo Chargi. Everyone knows that Pakistan’s telecommunications company is the Largest Telecom Company in Pakistan despite several other companies in Telecom Sector Market. PTCL provides Telephone and Internet Services to Pakistani citizens with Heavy Infrastructure.

PTCL Tax Certificate

PTCL Tax Certificate

The company manages Round about 2200 Telephone exchanges around the Country. PTCL also provides online services to its customers to get Digital Satisfaction. With PTCL Online Services, you can download PTCL withholding Certificate for Landline and PTCL Chargi Evo Customers to pay your Annual Taxes.

What is PTCL Withholding Tax Certificate?

A Withholding Tax, Or A Retention Tax, is an Income Tax to be paid to the Government by the pair of Income rather than by the receptionist of the Income. Thus the Tax will be deducted from the income that your Earn the whole of The Year. source

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How to Get A PTCL Withholding Certificate Online?

You can Obtain PTCL Withholding Certificate Statement. For Landline PTCL and Charge EVO, you can download Tax Statement for PTCL Users. You can use Below mentioned Link to obtain PTCL Certificate. After clicking on the Link, you will be redirected to PTCL Official Website. On That Page, you will be asked for the services that you will want to download the PTCL tax certificate. On that page, It will be necessary to provide PTCL Account ID and Tax Payment Period.

PTCL Withholding Tax Certificate for PTCL Landline Users

Now Follow the Following Steps to get a withholding tax statement for Landline Users.

Step Number 01

First of All Open the PTCL Official Website on your Laptop or Computer.

Step Number 02

Read the Below mentioned Steps and follow them to download PTCL Tax Certificate.

  • First of All, Choose the Landline Service as Your Service Type.
  • Choose Your Zip Code
  • Type in your correct PTCL Phone Number
  • Time to Add your PTCL Account ID
  • The Next Option is to choose A Time Frame or Time Period
  • complete The Captcha in Right Way
  • Select Inquire Tax from the Drop Down Menu
  • On the Very Next Page, you will show your Tax Certificate ready to Download

Get PTCL Tax Certificate Online

How Can I Download My PTCL Certificate?

First of all, Write Down your PTCL Account ID and then select the period for Withholding Tax Statement is required to pay. Now Write the Correct Alphabet shown in the Captcha and click on Inquire Tax and your Tax certificate will be shown. To Obtain PTCL Certificate, you should know your PTCL Number Account ID, and Phone Number with Complete Area Code.

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