FSC Stands For in Education and Science

Most people’s wrong things about FSC. There is a big confusion about FSC Stands for and FA Stands For. In this post, I will try my best to clear your confusion about it. Also, think that The Abbreviation of FSC is Fundamental to Science but this is wrong. The Correct Answer is mentioned below.

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What is FSC Stands for In Education in Pakistan

These are common abbreviations circulated around the people.

  • Foundation Science Course
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty Science Course
  • Forensic Science Course

But the Correct Abbreviation of FSC is the Faculty of Science.

These are misconceptions in students which is a correct abbreviation of FSC. This is the first level after matric where students choose Pre-Medical or Pre-Engineering Group. Also, someone selected Computer Science Group after Matric Passed.

FSC Pre-Engineering

FSC Pre-Engineering Stands for the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. Pre-engineering course subjects are those help to get enter into 5 years Engineering Degree from UET and other Engineering Universities in Pakistan.

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