FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2022 will be going to start on 21 November This Month and the World Cup Final of FIFA Qatar on 18 December will be updated in the FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022 published on This Page. In Arab Country Qatar, There are First Time FIFA International Men’s Football Event is being Organized on International Level. The First and opening FIFA World Cup match be played between Qatar and Ecuador. Sales of Football World Cup Matches Tickets have been sold out.

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FIFA World Cup All Teams

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

We will update all details about the Schedule of the Qatar Football World Cup Qualifying Round.

Game Name Football
Tournament Name FIFA World Cup 2022
Coordinator FIFA – Federation International De Football Association
Host Country Qatar
Year 2022
FIFA World First Match 21 November 2022
Final Match 18 December 2022
Total Matches 64
Total Teams 32

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

FIFA World 2022 Qualified Teams

Qatar Mexico Senegal Cameron
Brazil Netherlands Iran Canada
Belgium Japan Denmark Ecuador
France Germany Saudi Arabia Morocco
Argentina Uruguay Serbia Ghana
England Switzerland Poland Wales
Spain United States South Korea Costa Rica
Portugal Croatia Tunisia Australia

FIFA World Cup 2022 Online Tickets

As you know that FIFA Management has A Huge Demand for Every match played in World Cup in Qatar. The Fans are crazy to watch Stars like Ronaldo, Messi, and other Stars Players. The Arab Countries love football so In the history of the World Cup, the First International Event of Football played in Qatar Soul. According to Football World Cup Sources, a Total Round of 2.35 Million Tickets has been sold on the International and Local Levels of Qatar. But the peoples want more tickets to get participate in Football World in Live Mode. 

Also FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule, you can check all matches details about your Loves Country.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Kick-off

Stages Local – Qatar USA & Canada UK Australia
Group Stages Only 1 P.M 5 A.M 10 A.M 9 P.M
Group Stages Only 4 P.M 8 A.M 1 P.M 12 A.M

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups

Groups Teams
Group A Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
Group B England, Iran USA Wales
Group C Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
Group D France, Denmark, Australia, Tunisia
Group E Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica
Group F Canada, Croatia, Belgium, Morocco
Group G Brazil Switzerland Serbia Cameron
Group H Ghana, South Korea, Portugal, Uruguay

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

Date Match Details
21 November 2022 Qatar Vs Ecuador
21 November 2022 Senegal Vs Netherlands
21 November 2022 England Vs Iran
22 November 2022 USA Vs Wales
23 November 2022 Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia
22 November 2022 Mexico Vs Poland
22 November 2022 France Vs Australia
22 November 2022 Tunisia Vs Denmark
23 November  2022 Spain Vs Costa Rica
23 November  2022 Japan Vs Germany
23 November  2022 Belgium Vs Canada
24 November  2022 Morocco Vs Croatia
25 November  2022 Brazil Vs Serbia
24 November  2022 Cameron Vs Switzerland
24 November  2022 Ghana Vs Portugal
24 November  2022 Uruguay Vs South Korea
25 November  2022 England Vs USA
25 November  2022 Iran Vs Wales
25 November  2022 Qatar Vs Senegal
26 November  2022 Netherlands Vs Ecuador
27 November  2022 France Vs Denmark
26 November  2022 Tunisia Vs Australia
26 November  2022 Mexico Vs Argentina
26 November  2022 Poland Vs Saudi Arabia
27 November  2022 Belgium Vs Morocco
27 November  2022 Canada Vs Croatia
27 November  2022 Spain Vs Germany
28 November  2022 Japan Vs Costa Rica
29 November 2022 Portugal Vs Uruguay
28 November  2022 South Korea Vs Ghana
28 November  2022 Brazil Vs Switzerland
28 November  2022 Serbia Vs Cameron
29 November 2022 Qatar Vs Netherlands
29 November 2022 Ecuador Vs Senegal
29 November 2022 Wales Vs England
30 November 2022 Iran Vs USA
1 December 2022 Poland Vs Argentina
30 November 2022 Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico
30 November 2022 France Vs Tunisia
30 November 2022 Australia Vs Denmark
1 December 2022 Japan Vs Spain
1 December 2022 Costa Rica Vs Germany
1 December 2022 Belgium Vs Croatia
2 December 2022 Canada Vs Morocco
3 December 2022 Brazil Vs Cameron
2 December 2022 Serbia Vs Switzerland
2 December 2022 South Korea Vs Portugal
2 December 2022 Ghana Vs Uruguay

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