Audi releases its First Electric SUV in Pakistan

This has been started for a while But Now Finally It Confirmed that Top Car Company in Pakistan Audi released its First Electric SUV in Pakistan. Audi E-Tron Quattro now launched in Pakistan.

Audi E-Tron Quattro is Must Buy Car for Number of Reason for Car Lovers. This is Company First Electric Car introduced in the Market.

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This means that Audi is going to compete in the Electric Car Market against Jaguar, Tesla. This is Special Move from Audi to capture the electric car market.

The Virtual Exterior Mirror performs the dual functions of enhancing safety and decreasing air resistance.

The LED Light Strip as Well as a Dynamic flashing light.

How Much is The Audi Electric-SUV?

In 2019, The Audi has suggested Audi Electric SUV Car Price is 74800$ US Dollars for Starting Price for a Premium Plus Model. And Also 81000% US Dollars for Prestige Version of Audi.

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995$ US Dollars are Additional Destination Charges. Both of These Prices exclusive 7500$ Taxes.

audi electric suv car

The Interior is all about much spacing and comfort as Possible. Audi Car Cabin hosts a 2-tone Color combination, An Infotainment system with Bluetooth Interface.

audi electric suv car functions and heading