Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices 4th Time

Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices 4th Time

Atlas Honda Ltd (AHL) has increased the price of bikes fourth time in the face of declining sales since May and the suspension of bike registrations. This news may be bad for Bike lovers that Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices 4th Time in this year.

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Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices 4th Time In The Year

The company has come up with an increase in prices by Rs .400-Rs. 4000 on different models. Reportedly, the new price shall take effect from Oct 3. The company has not disclosed the reason behind the raised prices.

The company had increased the prices three times before, first in January by Rs.500-1000, then in April by Rs.500-3000, and finally in August by Rs.600-5000. Notably, Honda had attained record sales in April. But since then, the company is seeing a downward trend.

Atlas Honda Increases Bike Prices 4th Time

In June, the company’s sales declined to 91,507 units. While in July, they further decreased to 90,009. August also did not bode well for the company and its sales further went down to 80,012 units in August. On the contrary, the July-August sales in last year amounted to 187,249 units.

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Atlas-Honda Increases Bike Prices for 4th Time

Meanwhile, the company’s Japanese competitors saw an upward trend in sales. Suzuki and Yamaha had 3,738 and 4,282 units sold respectively. Their July-August sales were 3,278 and 3,397 units last year.

ModelsNew PriceOld Price
CD 70ccRs. 65,900Rs. 64,900
CD DreamRs. 69,900Rs. 68,900
PridorRs. 91,400Rs. 89,900
CB 150FRs. 1,76,000Rs. 1,67,000

Chairman Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers, Mohammad Sabir Sheikh stated that bike registrations of all assemblers at Excise and Taxation Department, Sindh stopped on Oct 1st.

He told that the production certificate issued by the Engineering Department Board (EDB) expires every 3oth of September. The assemblers file their applications with EDB for certificate renewal and receive it back by the last week of September. It is then forwarded to the Excise Department.

He resented that the Excise Department suspends the registration of bikes claiming the delay in submission of certificates. He further added that departments of other provinces do not suspend the registration of bikes and keep the process open.

Sabir also suggested that the government should give a month’s time to attain the certificate from the assemblers and keep registration open.


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