Apple Announced $400 New Version of iPhone SE

Apple Announced a $400 New Version of Second Generation iPhone SE on Wednesday.

The Newest Version of iPhone is Smaller and Cheapest iPhone Model than Previous iPhone Brands. The Newest Version of iPhone Processor is the Same As iPhone 11.

The Phone Price will start from $400 and will ship on 24 April After Booking for Pre-order or Friday.

This is Sequal to iPhone SE Which Apple released in The Year 2016. This Mobile will replace iPhone 8 which costs 450 US Dollars.

Apple will also Continue the Selling iPhone XR alongside the SE.

The New iPhone Model comes with 4.7 Display Inches Just like the iPhone 8 and also with Best A13 Bionic Processor that same chip powered by iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

However, this Mobile Does not support Apple Apple’s New Night Feature Mode available on the iPhone 11.

The iPhone New Versions comes with black, white, and Red Finishes, on other Hand base Models come with 64 GB of Mobile Storage, and Apple also ready to sell 128 and 256 GB Versions iPhones Brands.

According to Mobile Markets Experts, Apple step to sell Mobile in This this COVID-19 Situations is Very Risky and Market price will be down As well.