36,000 People Died in Road Accidents Last Year: Motorway Police

36,000 People Died in Road Accidents Last Year: Motorway Police

Nearly 36,000 people lost their lives in road accidents last year, a Motorway police official revealed.

According to SSP Motorway police, Asghar Ali Yousafzai, deaths caused by road accidents every year are very high and that is why the motorway police is making an effort to make people follow the traffic laws.

SSP Motorway made these remarks while addressing a traffic laws awareness session in Haripur.

While talking to the students of Khubaib College, Asghar Yousafzai said that following traffic laws was in their best interests as many lives including their own are on the line.

Quoting global statistics, SSP Yousafzai stated that every year road accidents claim 1.2 million lives worldwide.

He said that the casualties in road accidents can be reduced considerably if people respected the road signs and traffic laws.

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SSP Yousafzai added that the Motorway police is taking strict action against those that break the law without discrimination.

“We discourage use of mobile phones, hands-free devices and headphones by drivers by imposing heavy fines,” he said.

The Motorway official urged the students to drive carefully on the roads as their life is more precious than anything.

Via: Dawn