Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

If you Have a Pakistani Passport and Want to know about Visa Free Countries of Pakistan list 2024, we will tell you about Everything about the Pakistani Passport Visa Countries List for Free. With This Free list, Pakistani citizens go without Visa but you should have a Pakistani Passport Issued by Govt of Pakistan.

Over the Internet, Peoples Search this type of query like “Pakistan Passport Visa Free countries Or Pakistan Visa-Free Country“.

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan
Visa Free Countries for Pakistan

Saudia Arabia Announced Visa for Arrival for Pakistanis

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan - Passport List 2022

Visa Free Countries for Pakistan – Passport List – Updated

This is updated Visa Free Countries For Pakistan List.

  • Haiti – Visa Free
  • Dominica – Visa Free
  • Trinidad & Tobago – Visa Free
  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines – Visa Free
  • Micronesia – Visa Free
  • Palao – Visa on Arrival
  • Samaa – Visa on Arrival
  • Tuvalu – Visa on Arrival
  • Vanuatu – Visa Free
  • Maldives – Visa on Arrival
  • Nepal – Visa on Arrival
  • Qatar – Visa on Arrival
  • Sri Lanka – Visa on Arrival
  • Timor-Leste – Visa on Arrival
  • Kenya – Visa on Arrival
  • Cape Verde – Visa on Arrival
  • Comoros – Visa on Arrival –
  • Gambia – Visa Free
  • Guinea- Bissau – Visa on Arrival
  • Madagaskar – Visa on Arrival
  • Mauritania – Visa on Arrival
  • Rwanda – Visa on Arrival
  • Senegal – Visa on Arrival
  • Seychelles – Visa on Arrival
  • Sierra Leone – Visa on Arrival
  • Somalia – Visa on Arrival
  • Togo – Visa on Arrival
  • Uganda – Visa on Arrival

You can check the Visa requirements for Pakistan Nationals Here.


Is Turkey Visa-free For Pakistani?

No, Pakistani Cant enter Turkey without Visa. Ordinary Pakistan Passport Holder must obtain a Visa before Travelling to Turkey. The Pakistanis who meet all the Evisa requirements may apply for a Turkish Visa Apply.

Do Pakistan Need Visa For Dubai?

Yes, Pakistanis Nationals can go to Dubai and get Visa on Arrival As Soon As They Enter Dubai via Airport or Sea Side. The Pakistani Passport is only required to enter Dubai for Next 6 Months.

What is Evisa?

An Electronic Visa or Evisa is an official document that permits people to enter and Travel within the country. To Apply for Evisa, you can visit the visa Issuing Website.

Is Qatar Visa-free For Pakistani?

Yes, you Can visit Qatar with a Pakistani Passport without Visa for the Next 30 days after Reaching Qatar Terroritry. Because Pakisan is included Visa Free Countries For Pakistan. They have also the option to extend their visa for 30 days more.

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