Kamyab Pakistan Interest Free Loan Scheme 2022

PM Imran Khan announced Interest-Free Loan Under Kamyab Pakistan Scheme 2022 for Low-Income Persons and Family. The Interest-Free Loan Program Worth is Rs 407 Billion and it’s aiming to reduce the Poverty of 4.5 Million Lower Middle-Class families. Details of Kamyab Pakistan Loan Scheme Interest-Free Program Are Here.

Kamyab Pakistan Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2022 Online Apply

Kamyab Pakistan Interest Free Loan Scheme 2022

The Program Will provide Interest-Free Loan to Pakistani Youth, Girl, Male, Widow and Every Person who is eligible for This Program. Pakistani Farmers can also Get to Enter The Program to reduce their Poverty.

Now they can start Small businesses like Poltiary Form on Small Scale, Karyana Shops, Medical Store, Composing Center or IT Related Businesses.

Under The Kamyab Pakistan Interest-Free Loan Program, Federal Govt will provide 5 Lacs to Any Member of the Family to start their Business at the Local Level. This interest-Free Loan Program helps Families to construct their houses with 2 Million Rs Funded by Govt.

Kamyab Pakistan Program Eligibility Criteria

This is a very easy Method to Check your Eligibility If you are able or not to Get Free Interest Loan. You can send Your CNIC Card Number to 5771. In Response, you will receive A Message from Kamyab Pakistan Program Online. The message will contain All details about Your Eligibility.

Kamyab Pakistan Program has 5 Different Parts to Participate.

  • Kamyab-Karobar Program
  • Kamyab-Kisan Program
  • Naya Pakistan Low-Cost Housing Scheme
  • Kamyab Hunarmand Program
  • Sehatmand Pakistan Program

naya pakistan program for everyone 2022

Kamyab Karobar Program

The Most Successful Components of the Kamyab Pakistan Program is Kamyab Karobar Programs. The Govt will Provide Rs 0.5 Million to Everyone to start their own business. This is Free Interest Loan for Youngster, Males & Females who wants to start their business in Pakistan.

Kamyab Kisaan Program

Pakistan Farmers can avail of this offer If they are Farmers and living in Pakistan. Farmers can receive a 0.5 Million Received Free Interest Loan from Kamyab Pakistan Program.

Naya Pakistan Low Cost-Housing Scheme

If you have been living in Rent House and have a dream to buy your own home, then don’t worry, The Govt of Pakistan Pakistan started Naya Pakistan Low-cost Housing Scheme program, which helps you to get Loan of Rs 2.7 Million for Construction of House.

Kamyab Hunarmand Program

Under the Program, Youth Can get SKill from Technical Institutes, TEVTA, PVTC, PSDF, etc. After getting Skills like Freelancing, Graphics Designing, IT SKills, and much more you can start your own business online or You can get a Job over your Skill in the Private and Govt Departments of Pakistan.

Sehatmand Pakistan Program

With Sahulat Insaf Card, Anyone Can get Interest Loan for Free with Sehatmand Pakistan Program. You can get avail of this offer if Sehatmand Program is Available in your Area.

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