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Zong has made our life Easy by announce the code of Zong Balance Share, You can check the Zong Balance Code 2024 with the given below Zong Code. After dialing this code from your mobile phone, you will be able to share your balance with your friends, and family members. Most of the time, our mobile balance has ended, and we don’t know how to make our account balance full. In this article, I will tell you about Zong Balance Share Karne ka Tarika.

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Zong Balance Share – Check Zong Balance Code

Zong Balance Share Check Zong Balance Code

Recently, Zong announced the share of Zong Balance with the Zong Yaari Load Package. This offer is only for Zong Prepaid Numbers users.

How to Share Zong Balance?

Dial *828# from your Zong SIM. After receiving the message from Zong, replay with 1 to send a confirmation message.

  • After dialing the above code, enter the mobile number where you want to share the Balance.
  • Then enter the amount you want to share with another account.
  • Now it’s time to reply to the confirmation message with 1.
  • Now, you have done it. Balance has been shared!
  • The service is only available for Zong customers.
  • This code can be changed at any time, so please visit the Zong official website regularly.
  • Rs 10 is the minimum amount, and Rs 200 will be the maximum amount for the transfer.
  • Rs. 2 will be charged for transferring the balance.

If you have additional questions, you can dial Zong Help Line 222 and get assistance.

What is Yari Load?

This is an updated balance sharing service from Zong Company to share the load from Zong to Zong. Transfer Balance is two-way: you can transfer the balance from SIM 1 to another SIM and request the balance from someone to send the Zong balance from their SIM to your Zong SIM.

Zong To Zong Share Balance
Zong To Zong Share Balance

Zong To Zong Share Balance

Dial *828# to Share Balance from Zong To Zong SIM. Rs 2 will be chages every transcation.

Zong Balance Share Karne ka Tarika Code

Most of Zong Customers can check Zong Balance Sahre Karne ka Tarika with Zong Balance Share Code. Dialing code is *828#.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Tranfer Money to Zong?

Dial *828# for Balance Transfer. Dial *829# for Balance Request.

How Can I Share balance from zong to zong?

The process is very easy to share Zong Balance from 1 Zong SIM to another Zong SIM. Just dial *828# and share zong balance.

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