Ramzan Calender 2024

You can check out all the updates about Ramzan Calender 2024. The holy month of Ramzan is coming, and every Muslim has waited for this month all year. In this post, we will give you all the details of the Ramzan calendar 2024 with Sehri and Iftar time in Pakistan. The first roza in Pakistan will be expected on March 13, 2024, & Eid ul Fitar will be celebrated on April 13, 2024.

The first Ramzan Ul Mubarak date is 1445 Hijri 2024, which will be 04 / 05 March 2024.

According to Fiqa Jaffaria, Sehar Time will be 10 minutes before and Iftar Time after 10 minutes

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Ramzan Calender 2024

Ramzan Calendar 2024 Sehar & Iftar Time in Pakisan

Check all updates regarding the Ramadan Calendar 2024.

MOON #DaySeharZuharAsarIftar TimeIsha
124 March 202305:01 AM12:27 PM04:50 PM06:33 PM07:54 PM
225 March 202304:59 AM12:27 PM04:51 PM06:34 PM07:54 PM
326 March 202304:58 AM12:27 PM04:51 PM06:35 PM07:55 PM
427 March 202304:57 AM12:26 PM04:51 PM06:35 PM07:56 PM
528 March 202304:56 AM12:26 PM04:52 PM06:36 PM07:56 PM
629 March 202304:54 AM12:26 PM04:52 PM06:36 PM07:57 PM
730 March 202304:53 AM12:25 PM04:52 PM06:37 PM07:58 PM
831 March 202304:52 AM12:25 PM04:53 PM06:38 PM07:59 PM
901 April 202304:50 AM12:25 PM04:53 PM06:38 PM07:59 PM
1002 April 202304:49 AM12:25 PM04:53 PM06:39 PM08:00 PM

Ramzan Calender 2024 – Sehri & Iftar Time in Pakisan

1103 April 202304:48 AM12:24 PM04:54 PM06:39 PM08:01 PM
1204 April 202304:46 AM12:24 PM04:54 PM06:40 PM08:02 PM
1305 April 202304:45 AM12:24 PM04:54 PM06:41 PM08:02 PM
1406 April 202304:44 AM12:23 PM04:55 PM06:41 PM08:03 PM
1507 April 202304:42 AM12:23 PM04:55 PM06:42 PM08:04 PM
1608 April 202304:41 AM12:23 PM04:55 PM06:43 PM08:05 PM
1709 April 202304:40 AM12:22 PM04:55 PM06:43 PM08:05 PM
1810 April 202304:38 AM12:22 PM04:56 PM06:44 PM08:06 PM
1911 April 202304:37 AM12:22 PM04:56 PM06:44 PM08:07 PM

Ramzan Calender 2024 – Sehri & Iftar Time in Pakisan

2012 April 202304:36 AM12:22 PM04:56 PM06:45 PM08:08 PM
2113 April 202304:34 AM12:21 PM04:57 PM06:46 PM08:08 PM
2214 April 202304:33 AM12:21 PM04:57 PM06:46 PM08:09 PM
2315 April 202304:32 AM12:21 PM04:57 PM06:47 PM08:10 PM
2416 April 202304:30 AM12:21 PM04:57 PM06:47 PM08:11 PM
2517 April 202304:29 AM12:20 PM04:58 PM06:48 PM08:12 PM
2618 April 202304:28 AM12:20 PM04:58 PM06:49 PM08:13 PM
2719 April 202304:27 AM12:20 PM04:58 PM06:49 PM08:13 PM
2820 April 202304:25 AM12:20 PM04:58 PM06:50 PM08:14 PM
2921 April 202304:24 AM12:20 PM04:59 PM06:51 PM08:15 PM

According to the Ramzan Calender 2024, the first roza will be on March 6, 2024, and First Sehri in Pakistan will be on the same date. First Iftar Time Date will be 06:41 PM Maghrib Time in Pakistan. 

There is a Few Minutes Difference At The Time of Sehri and Iftari Time between Fiqa Jaffaria & other Fiqa Time.

This is all updates about Ramzan Calender 2024.

First Roza In Pakistan 2024 – First Roza Date

According to Last year Moon Calendar date, The First Roza in Pakistan 05 06 March 2024 and first roza date will be in March 2024.

we will update this page again when Ramzan Starts in Pakistan.

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