Telenor Internet Packages 2024

Telenor offers a Variety of SMS and Call Packages. Before this, Many Internet Packages offers by other companies like Jazz, Zong, Ufone, but Telenor All daily, Weekly and monthly Internet Package will be purified to satisfy you with the best customer Care Services. I will tell you about Telenor Internet Packages 2024 2G 3G 4G Daily Weekly Monthly in this Article.

Pakistan Mobile Users Using 2G, 3G, 4G Internet on their Mobiles. This Daily weekly and Monthly Internet Package is fit for Prepaid Users.

Telenor Internet Packages Codes Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor Internet Packages 2023 Daily 24 Hours Weekly Monthly 2G 3G 4G

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Telenor offer also free Internet data if your Telenor sim has not been active for the last 60 Days. You can Check details about Telenor SIM Lagao Offer 2023.

Telenor Company Offer Cheap prices Internet Packages in Pakistan for Internet Mobile Users.

In this post, I will be telling you Complete Details about Telenor Internet Packages of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Internet Packages in the year 2022.

 Telenor Internet Packages Daily 24 Hours Check Code 2023

All below Telenor Internet Packages daily offer for 24 Hours except Telenor Good Time Offer. This is latest Daily 24 Packages of Internet from Telenor company. you can check and activate any mobile packages of Telenor and djuice.

Package NamePriceVolumeActivation Code
Telenor Good Time OfferRs. 6200 MB + Also 500 MB for FacebookDial *345*20# for Activation Code for Telenor Good Time Offer Packages.
4G Daily BundleRs 15You Can get 4G Daily Bundle offer.Dial *345*20# for Active this offer.
4G Light Daily BundleRs 1250 MB’sDial *12#
Telenor Social PackRs 150 MB’s*5*311#
Telenor Din Raat 3G, 4G Internet PackageRs 151.5 GBDial *150#

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Telenor Internet Packages daily weekly 15 days monthly 2023

Telenor Internet Packages 3 days

If Telenor Daily Internet Package doesn’t satisfy your Hearts, You can subscribe to Telenor 3-Day Internet Packages.

Here are Complete Details about Telenor 3-day Internet Package.

PackagePriceDetailsActivation Code
 3/3 OfferRs 5550 MB Internet, 600 On-Net Minutes, 300 SMSDial *345*243#
 4G 3 Day BundleRs 441000 MB, Including 500 MB from 12 AM to 8 AMDial *32#
 3 Day Sahulat OfferRs 52250 On-net Minutes, 50 Off-net Minutes, 150 MB for Twitter, Facebook & Whatapp Usage.Dial *5*3#

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly Check Code

If you avoid taking Save time against Activation Internet Package Daily or after 3 Days, you can Subscribe to Telenor Weekly Internet Package 2023.

Here are Full details about

Telenor Internet Packages Weekly 2023

There are multiple Packages offered by Telenor For weekly Base usage. you can activate and enjoy one of them mentioned below.

Telenor 4G Weekly Internet Max Offer give Telenor Internet Packages Data for A 7 Days A week with Rs 50 Only. This is Best Telenor Internet Package for Rs 50.

If you have Rs 80 in your Telenor SIM, You can subscribe Telenor Internet Packages in Rs 80. This is best affordable Internet Package for Students, Housewife and Shop-Keepers.

PackagePriceDetailsActivation Code
 Ultra Plus WeeklyRs 24020 GB (10 GB from 1AM to 11 AM)Dial *225# to Activate This Pkg
Weekly UltraRs 1858GB plus 1 GB for Goonj App and BlogDial *336#
Weekly Super OfferRs 1104000 MB – Including 2000 MB from 1 AM to 11 AMDial *288#
Mega Weekly Easy CardRs 2222000 Telenor PTCL Minutes, 70 off-net Minutes, 10 GB, Including 5 GB from 1 AM to 11 AM, 2000 Telenor SMSDial *001#
Telenor 4G Weekly Internet MaxRs 5030 GB Internet Data, 12 AM to 9 AMDial *19#
Telenor Weekly 6 to 6 Internet Bundle OfferRs 554GB – 6 AM to 6 PMDial *71#
Weekly Zoom PackageRs 805000 MB only for Zoom App UsageDial *345*56#

Telenor Internet Packages Monthly Check Code

This Monthly Internet Packages list to Choose for Monthly Usage of Best Internet Packages available on Earth.

PackagePriceDetailsActivation Code
Monthly Social PackRs 45100 MB for Internet, 300 MB for Facebook, WhatsappDial *911#
4G Monthly LiteRs 1503 GB Internet Data for IMO/Facebook/WhatsappDial *301#
4G Monthly UltraRs 45010 GB + 10 GB from 12 AM to 8 AMDial *335#
Mega Monthly OfferRs 17575 GB from 12 AM to 12 PMDial *29#
Telenor Monthly IMO PackageRs 452000 MB for IMODial *466#
Monthly Social Pack PlusRs 751000 SMS and 5000 MB Internet data for Facebook and Whatsapp.Dial *460#
Monthly Whatsapp PackageRs 51500 MB for Whatsapp PackageDial *247#

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I get Telenor weekly Internet packages?

You can dial *225# from Your Telenor SIM to activate weekly Internet Package of Telenor. After activating, you will received 20 GB Internet Data including 10 GB from 1 am to 11 Pm.

How Can I Get 50 GB Internet Data on Telenor?

After paying Rs 700 for this package, you can subscribe Internet package for next 30 Days. You have to dial *303# from your SIM to subscribe this Internet Packages of Telenor.

How Can I activate 30 GB weekly package?

Dial *19# from your sim to activate 30 GB Telenor Package weekly. This offer is valid only for next 7 days after activating. You will received 30 GB Free Telenor Internet Data.

Which Telenor Package is Best for Internet?

We recommended these internet package of Telenor For You.

  • PubG Monthly Offer : 2 GB PUBG Mobile + 100 MB;s Internet Data for Rs 60 Only
  • Telenor Internet Packages for Weekly Sports Package : With Rs 30, You can use Internet for Sports Website Crickwick and Crickingif.

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