Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2019 from January 2019 to December 2019

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Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2019 from January 2019 to December 2019.

Here is Prize Bond Schedule of 2019.

S NoPrize BondDrawDateCity
1Rs 1500077January 02 2019Karachi
2Rs 75077January 15 2019Peshawar
3Rs 750077February 01 2019Muzaffar Abad
4Rs 2500028February 01 2019Quetta
5Rs 150077February 15 2019Hyderabad
6Rs 10025February 15 2019Faisalabad
7Rs 4000077March 01 2019Rawalpindi
8PREMIUM BOND8March 11 2019Lahore
9Rs 20077March 15 2019Multan
10Rs 1500078April 01 2019Rawalpindi
11Rs 75078April 15 2019Lahore
12Rs 750078May 02 2019HyderAbad
13Rs 2500029May 02 2019Karachi
14Rs 10026May 15 2019Quetta
15Rs 150078May 15 2019Multan
16Rs 4000078June 03 2019Faisalabad
17PREMIUM BOND9June 03 2019Peshawar
18Rs 20078June 03 2019Muzaffar Abad
19Rs 1500079June 10 2019Faisal Abad
20Rs 75079June 17 2019Karachi
21Rs 750079July 02 2019Quetta
22Rs 2500030July 15 2019Rawalpindi
23Rs 10027Aug 01 2019Hyderabad
24Rs 150079Aug 01 2019Peshawar
25Rs 4000079Aug 15 2019Multan
26PREMIUM BOND10Aug 15 2019Muzaffar Abad
27Rs 20079Sept 02 2019Lahore
28Rs 1500080Sept 10 2019Muzaffar Abad
29Rs 75081Sept 16 2019Rawal Pindi
30Rs 2500031Oct 01 2019Multan
31Rs 750080Oct 15 2019Lahore
32Rs 150080November 01 2019Faisal Abad
33Rs 10028November 01 2019Lahore
34Rs 4000080November 15 2019Faisalabad
35PREMIUM BOND11November 15 2019Karachi
35Rs 20080December 02 2019Hyderabad
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National Savings of Pakistan draw Prize bond of Different Prized Twice a Month. Pakistani peoples shows their positive response to National Savings Scheme and Prize Bond Draw.

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