Omar is A Muslim Boy Name with Meaning of Long-lived, Elevated, Flower of The Prophet. The Short Name is Available for this Name. The lucky Number is 04 for This Name. The Name is originated from Arab Soul. The Name Meaning in Urdu is لمبی عمر پانے والا، مرتفع، نبی کے پیروکار. The Popularity Rank of Name is 1344.

Omar Name Meaning in Urdu

Name Meaning in English Long-lived, Elevated, Flower of The Prophet
Name Meaning in Urduلمبی عمر پانے والا، مرتفع، نبی کے پیروکار
Lucky Number 04
Short NameYes
Name Length4 Letters and 1 Word
Luckiest DayTuesday, Thursday
انگریزی نامOmar
معنیلمبی عمر پانے والا، مرتفع، نبی کے پیروکار
لکی نمبر4
موافق دنمنگل, جمعرات
موافق رنگسرخ, بنفشی
موافق پتھرروبی
موافق دھاتیںتانبا, لوہا

This Name is belong to Muslim Religion and widely known in World Wide Muslim Community due to its high meaning. You all of know that Choose Best Name for Their Newly Born Baby Name.

What is Lucky Number of Omar?

The Lucky Number of The Name is 04. This number make multiple Changes who have this Name.

What is The Meaning of Ommer in Urdu?

Ommer Name Meaning Urdu is First Son

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