Bilal is A Muslim Boy Name and loved by Every One Because Hazrat Bilal is beloved Sihabi of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) So therefore every msulim love this Name and wants to fix name for Newly Born Baby Boy.

Bilal is an Arabic name with roots in the language’s rich tradition and history. It is derived from the word “bilad” which refers to the land or country. In addition to this meaning, Bilal is also associated with qualities such as freshness, purity, and a beautiful voice. These traits are inspired by Bilal ibn Rabah, a prominent companion of the Prophet Muhammad who was known for his melodious voice and was appointed as the first Muezzin in Islamic history.

As a result of his noble character and virtues, the name Bilal has become a popular choice among Muslim parents worldwide.

Bilal Name Meaning in Urdu- Quranic Urdu Boy Names Meaning

Name MeaningThe Prophet companiions, Moistening
Religion Muslim
Short NameYes
Name Length5 Words and 1 Letter

Bilal Meaning

The Word Bilal show Persoanl Love to Another one. The Persons who have the name, have the ability to become leaders of the country with best Character Practice. They took big steps to complete A Big Project.

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