How to Check Zong Number

Most people don’t know how to check the zong number of their sim because when they buy a new prepaid or postpaid sim, they usually forget their zong number. In this article, I will tell you how to check your Zong number with an easy code and without having any balance.

There are two methods that help you find out: how to check the Zong number.

How to Check Zong Number 2024

How To Check Zong Number SIM Using Code Without Balance

In the first method, you need to type, *100# from your mobile phone. It will show you some options, You should press 1 in reply and type your close friend’s mobile number.

Then Zong will send a message to your friend’s inbox about calling me with your Number. So, your friend can save your number and also tell you about it.

Zong SIM Number Check Online

In the second method, you can find your Zong SIM code very easily via your phone.

In settings, your mobile phone, enter the About option in your settings. Most times, it exists in the system category.

Pakistan Telecommunication also announced the online SIM number method for every carrier company in Pakistan.

  • Open The link:
  • Now enter your 13-digit CNIC Number to check details
  • Press Submit Button
  • All your information, including your Zong SIM number, will be shown on the screen.

How To Check Zong Number without Balance

*2#Free / No Balance

Here, select the status category where you need to tap the SIM status option. Here you will find my phone option, where you can show your mobile Zong Sim number.

With this option, you can check your Zong SIM numbers at any time.

3rd Method is check Zong Number with SMS

  • Open your Mobile messaging App
  • Type MNP to Send Message to 667
  • In reply, you will receive a message with all SIM details, including the SIM owner name, CNIC, and your address displayed.

Terms & Conditions

  • You will get your complete Zong Number on your screen without any charges.
  • All these above methods can work with an active Sim, If your Sim is not active, these methods will not work.
  • The code may be changed at any time by Zong Company, so visit Zong’s official website occasionally.
  • You can call the Zong Helpline at any time to solve all your Zong SIM-related issues.

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