Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices by Upto Rs. 8000

With the advent of 2019, Pak Suzuki has come up with a surprise for its customers. Along with increasing the price of cars, it has also raised the rates for its bikes. Now, Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices by Upto Rs. 8000.

As per the available details, the company has issued a notification to its dealers across the country. While detailing the new rates for the bikes, the notification states that the prices are ‘subject to change without notice.’

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Moreover, the new prices will be applicable at the time of delivery and all government taxes will be charged to the customers.The revised rates listed below are inclusive of ex-factory product price and the freight charges incurred on the vehicle to arrive at the dealership premises.

Pak Suzuki Increases Bike Prices by Upto Rs. 8000

The prices have come into effect from January 1, 2019.

Model Old Price New Price
GD-110S 150,000 155,000
GS150 155,000 162,000
GS150SE 175,000 180,000
GR150 235,000 243,000

Notably, the company had increased the price of its bikes just three months ago, coming into effect from November 1, 2018.

Via: PakWheels

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