How to Disabled Auto play Video Featured in Facebook

Facebook Enabled Auto Play Video Featured for Everyone Who used Facebook. Facebook Users suddenly annoyed When Video autoplay. During Scrolling on Facebook, Video automatically starts when Video Shows. Now, Facebook Give Option to Users disabled Autoplay video.

How to Disable Autoplay Video

There is two option to Disabled Auto Play Video featured on Facebook.

Stop Facebook Video Automatically Play on Desktop Computers

Many of Us Using Facebook on Desktop Computer and they will be also trying to Disabled Facebook Video Automatically play on Desktop computers.

This Facebook process on the desktop is very easy. After some easy steps, you can disable Auto-play video featured on Facebook.

How to Disabled Auto play Video

After login into Facebook goes to setting and then Open Video in Setting.

This will directly open the Video Setting, Where we can off disabled auto-play featured.

Stop Facebook Video Automatically Play on Android

There are completely different settings for Stop Facebook Video Automatically Play on Android Mobile Phone.

How to Disable Sound on Facebook Auto-play Videos

To Start with this option, you need to open your Facebook account on Mobile Apps. We will see app settings under the Sub-menu Help and settings.

These Mobile Facebook apps settings include notification, sound and videos link your Facebook mobile app. Here are Two Settings related to Video Auto-play. If you want to mute audio from Videos, the Auto-play videos will be muted in the news feed of your Facebook app.

Facebook rolls out video service worldwide

For Newer Users of Facebook App for Android Users, then all these settings available on different places. This setting will available Under Setting & Privacy Option.

Completely Disabled Auto-play Video in Facebook

If you want to Completely disabled Autoplay Video during scrolling, then the Bottom option in a Facebook app will help you to do the Job.